Azikiwe Calhoun
1 min readMay 23, 2020


“Nsuo” (is the word for water in language of Twi, spoken in Ghana)

Dehydrated- drink some water, this element can cook your meal and wash you clean; physically and spiritually.

A few drops cool a sweaty brow and a cup replenishes a body from a workout- “nsuo” is a great need in Ghana, but is it clean.

A wound is cleansed of bacteria and a deer enjoys a moment on the bank of a brook.

What other element is necessary and sought after as aqua?

It cuts through mountains and erodes countries- water the garden and extinguish a 4 alarm blaze. Build a borehole in this community or find a well- But is the source treated?

How’s the groundwater- where’s the access?

A hydro dam in the works, lives are threatened everything’s unearthed.

Waves from the Gulf hit your chest- dunk your head and submerge out the cool water- with the tingling feeling of relief.

A photo is fixed on the rolling tide along with peace. Your neighbor say’s to his wife the soup needs more water its to thick- your reminded its Fall- Summer is past and so are dips in the pool.

You reconsider that offer for water.



Azikiwe Calhoun

writer, educator, youth development practitioner