Azikiwe Calhoun
1 min readJun 19, 2020


Our lives are of worth… Black Lives Matter!

vacuous comments ooze from larynxes, of those never lived or understood Our struggle!

Resiliency is in our spirits!

the double standard, is your go to move, America!

deferring Our time with not this moment, when?

We act while it’s hot!

you think we cry lobo, this is Our reality

no sympathizers or explaining why, don’t ask to be amused

what are you going to do?

as for Us, We protest, boycott, riot, attempt to alter racist polices and practices

don’t judge Us,

We are doing something, regardless of what you perceive!

We will not reason, Our pain and anger to you America, but if your position is questioned We become a threat?

you fear Us, attempt to micro-manage; this is our home

power’s slipping away, that’s your real concern!

objects We once were, became subjects against injustice

what’s wrong with Black Pride?